{September 20, 2007}   Troubly Sorry!

huah! I have so many thing that prevent me to update here and launch the project. Sadly, things are going to be worst. I ‘lost’ my editor since he (peter) has things to do, too. 😦 But for this first (and probably the last) edition, I still work on it. I dislike to broke my promise!

I try to launch it on mid october since I have holidays and don’t have anything to do with the office i’m working now. I even do it now while I’m sick and off from office hahaha…

wish me.. luck…?


{June 14, 2007}   Crash Boom Bang!

My computer crashes again.. so.. I may postpone the project to the late of July >.< Probably all the pages that i’ve done also gone.. *cry* at least 3 pages might be gone.. if only I have computer from my office now, I can do some from the office.. but until today, the computer isn’t yet coming…

so… forgive me for the delay…

{May 16, 2007}   Welcome Editor

Welcome Julie Alekberova, another grafifashion‘s editor! I’m sorry if I wrote your name incorrect. I tried to stamp it in my brain so I don’t have to look up on your profile page in dA again and again.

Some people start impatience with this project (lol) and I must calm them because it will be launch on JULY. yes, JULY. And there will be notification by e-mail or notes or message to you. So far, I just gather artists (to show their art in galleries section), lurking at many communities, to fill the articles. It starts getting better and better.

It also makes me really hectic recently. Anyway, if any of you is graphic designer and willing to do the layout-page (for free), contact me at

{April 18, 2007}   pdf test & real sample page

it’s been days without update. This is the test file as pdf and zipped. All are rough because it’s not real sample of grafifashion’s pages. XD and then click test file

new update: sample of crew-page for july edition, 80% done.. anyway, I still need one editor and more layout designer/vector designer/graphic designer.


Welcome to Peter, our editor ^^ Found him on deviantart and hope this project will be fun for all of us.
I still need ONE more EDITOR..

At last, I found the cover-photo that I want! Who is the artist..? Wait to July

Now I’m looking for those who want to make the inside layout. Graphic designers/vector designers are invited. This is an undisclosed opportunity. Whoever interest, you can layout at least 2 pages. But if any wants to be a permanent designer, I welcome you, too. But please understand that this is a totally free project. No money payment. I do this for fun and to share happiness with others. In return, I hope this would be a way for you to increase your skill. For serious designer whom choose to be staff, if you need recommendation letter/reference, yes I can give it in the future.
Just show me your portfolio first! ^^

{March 27, 2007}   Jumpin’ Jumpin’


Another day, another news. It’s been days. I wrote nothing to let you know our progress. Maybe some of you thought this project has failed? I hope not XD

I still work behind the scene though not as crazy as the 3-days-setup-website-and-program. Program means everything about grafifashion, from logo to layout, from planning to realization. At the end, this is all about schedule. Yes, we – again – stuck with schedule. *laugh*

I was and still busy hunting the contributors and though I made a list, it’s not yet detailed. So, since yesterday, I start making the tables and almost panic because:

…….there are too much people for Creative category but NONE yet for Life category.

So I start hunting writers but I haven’t found anything that satisfy me. The tips are nothing new (to me), the articles aren’t fit to my need, and then, somehow I found that one. I hope the writer will response my comment on his/her blog soon.

As the deadline is set on April 30 (some of contributor has their deadline on April 20), I start looking for EDITOR(s). But the search is still in process. Some of them didn’t prepare the portfolio. Even it’s only editing – which maybe only a little part of writing process – I need to read the result.

Else? I’m still looking for COVER’s photography or design. RAWR! The hunter may not rest now!


{March 20, 2007}   Update On schedule

July Issue 

I’ve been traveled ‘across’ communities and some people had given appreciation and willing to contribute to the magz (thanks!). I won’t say those name here but if you really wanna know, you can check my journal and the flickr group I create :D.

In my plan, at least 10 artist/photographer/designer/writer must contribute for the first issue and take at least 20 pages.

The submission deadline is April 30th (some people have it on April 20th because that’s the time they agree and said able to do their articles) . From May 1st, I, editor, and graphic designer will work on the layout.

From June 1st, finalizing will begin, including coding with Adobe Reader. The new submission will be open again on June. And set up for 2nd edition will begin here, too.

By July 1st, the first edition will be launched and the progress of 2nd edition continues.

PS: to make easy, all time and day are set based on +0 GMT and every contributor will have their pages (specific pages) in jpg (apart from the pdf) so they can use as they like.

October Issue 

The new submission will be open again on June. And set up for 2nd edition will begin here, too.

Since people whom interesting to contribute now can see article samples, the deadline is set on  August 15th.

{March 18, 2007}   Update


  • How to.. (now it specifically tell you kind of CATEGORY and ARTICLE I want)
  • Link-a-Ring (you can affiliate permanently with us, for FREE)
  • About (read the second paragraph!)

Newest update:
grafifashion’s banner at Link-a-Ring and grafifashion’s logo+sample cover at here

sample of inside layout page (click on picture to see on actual size):

b-creditsjpg.jpg b-page-index-sample.jpg

{March 18, 2007}   What’s inside grafifashion?

You might still confuse.. so, this is what you can read/see and submit to grafifashion:

kind of articles

grafifashion is an online fashion magz that promote new artist, who wants to be serious in fashion industry and other art category. so, these are the kind articles I’m looking for:
– you write yourself about you and your artwork/bussiness
– or if I really interesting on a specific subject, I’m the one who will interview you (^-^)
– when you review your own art (for example, you’re a photographer, submitting a pic of fashion), tell the story of the pic (what is all about), why you pick that theme/object, or even reveal how you make the photo.
– you can submit article out of fashion, like a new music group, philosophy, painting, book, poetry, and others but you CANNOT review famous objects like the Beatles, Freud, Donna Karan, Al Pacino, Larry King, and other international-famous-people.
– if you don’t know how to write, but you want to be on the page, send me link of your work (or send the photograph/picture) and just let me know what kind of project it is (fashion/literature/photography/gra. design/etc). Then I will ‘lurking’ on your work. if I think it’s good, then I will interview you.

{March 16, 2007}   Hi

Hi people!

Welcome to… *cough* wanna-be-magazine: grafifashion. I hope you like the idea (you can read the menus at Getting Closer.

Years ago, I was going to make T-shirt company but due to my job and blablabla, I couldn’t make it. But still, the passion for fashion cannot last until now. And I think, it will be fun if I can share the same passion with other people around the world. So I think, why not making magazine? My experience at Shinobi Magazine (David, hope you come here XD) drives me to do the same to my hobby.

That’s all I can say. Hope the real magz can launch on June. If not,.. then July. It depends on how much people interest to contribute and give the material so I can work.. (o.o)”

Jaa, mina-san, ganbatte!


et cetera